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Meet the Staff
Billie Smith - Executive Director

Billie with Topaz

The best thing that happened at the office this year was the replacement of the front and back doors. I’m saving a lot on hair spray now that the WY wind isn’t blowing through the office during the long cold winter months. It was a much needed improvement. We also had to replace the signs on the two front windows due to weather wear. You can see the new signs on Facebook in a couple of photos taken by our visiting members this summer. The new signs are really awesome because they also block out the light, but we can still see outside. Our future improvements will be directed to the data base, member portal, new web site and further communication with our members. We want to hear from you and make it easier for you to access all the important documents and information you need to help make your visits as safe and risk-free as possible. We encourage all of you to use your member portal often and get really familiar so you may use it for renewals and other things that will be coming up in the near future.

It has not been one of my better years. I don’t know how I would have handled it all had I not been doing my therapy visits with Topaz. She is so easy to work with. She will be nine soon and I need to start thinking about a back-up. Zoee Su and Breazie Lou are now together over the Rainbow Bridge, free of all the aches and pains the cold gave them with their arthritis and other health issues. I have a lot of good dogs waiting for me and I’m sure there’s got to be one more out there for me to finish my therapy dog career with. I am wishing all of you a great year ahead with good health and the love of family and friends. Keep sharing those smiles and joy with all of those who need you and your heart will be full. Don’t forget that we love meeting you in person and want you to drop in on your way through to where ever you are going. Happy Visiting! ...
Jessi Moore - Office Assistant

Hello all! My name is Jessi Moore, and I was lucky enough to join the Therapy Dogs Inc. office in early April of 2012.  I have been looking for my dream job for years and lucky enough, IT FOUND ME!  It has been a wonderful experience.  The people I work with are simply amazing. I love animals and always have.  It runs in my family.

I have two children: a son Zayne, and a daughter Pagyn.   Along with my two-legged children, I have three more that have a few more legs.  They’re dogs, of course, although I'm sure you caught that.  I have a pug named Creepshow - I know what you are thinking “CREEPSHOW?”  I named her after one of my favorite bands. Bear is a Chow Lab mix and Yote is my Siberian Husky. I lost my soul mate, Layla Loo, in June of 2010.  She was a smooth coat Brussels Griffon.  I think about her every day and miss her every passing minute. Brussels are now, by far, my favorite dogs. My many pets have taught me many things in my life from my rats, to my cats, to my dogs. I am highly allergic to them all, but could never see myself without them.
The work I see the volunteers do blows my mind and melts my heart.  The selflessness is enough to wow anyone. You are more appreciated than you could ever imagine!

Adriana Boyer - Office Staff

Adriana stealing Topaz

Hi, everyone! My name is Adriana Boyer. I just recently became part of the Therapy Dogs Inc. family. I currently do not own a dog due to allergy reasons. I do have a dog at work, Topaz, she belongs to Billie but she needs to come live at my house. I have a daughter who loves Chihuahua’s because they fit inside purses. In one or two years my family and I plan to adopt one, we just can’t decide if it will be a Siberian husky or a Chihuahua. As a child I was around dogs all the time, we had Lobo and Chocolate our Black Labs. Lobo was the first and best pet ever.  I believe animals are like children, they need love & care 24 /7. It’s a great thing what members of Therapy Dogs Inc. are doing, helping others by sharing their loved ones.