Therapy dog certification can bring smiles and joy.

Are you considering certification with Alliance of Therapy Dogs?  Read on to learn 5 fantastic reasons you should get your dog certified with us!

Soon your certified therapy dog could be spreading smiles and joy at facilities such as hospitals, airports, schools, nursing homes and other health facilities, alongside their handlers – that’s you!

#1. It Shows You Are Serious About Safety

When visiting facilities, it’s necessary to have therapy dog certification. We want to make sure our therapy dog teams understand the importance of safety and that as a handler, your dog obeys your cues and commands. For your dog to become a therapy dog, they will need to pass our test and three observations and follow all ATD rules and regulations. Our volunteer testers/observers evaluate your handling skills by asking you to perform a series of exercises. For more information on testing, watch our Alliance of Therapy Dogs test video. We also make sure our registered therapy dogs are healthy by being up to date on rabies vaccines and have a negative fecal exam every 12 months.

#2. We Offer Insurance Coverage

At Alliance of Therapy Dogs, we provide liability insurance. This policy is in place to help protect you from claims from others for injury, illness, and property damage from therapeutic visits with your dog.

#3. You Can Strengthen the Bond With Your Dog

Volunteering with your dog can strengthen the bond you and your canine pal already have. Working together as a team to share smiles and joy during facility visits, can bring you both closer. You are sure to feel extra proud of your pup for the companionship and comfort they provide to their new friends.

#4. Volunteering Can Provide A Sense Of Purpose

Taking time to help others is proven to increase happiness and sense of fulfillment. Volunteering for a cause you are passionate about is a productive way to spend your free time and can inspire others to do the same. Plus, volunteering with your pup is a fun bonus!

#5. You Become A Member Of The Alliance!

When you become an Alliance of Therapy Dogs member and your therapy dog gets certified, they’re recognized by a red heart tag, which shows you are a member of our growing community. Alliance of Therapy Dogs has handler and canine teams across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our goal is to assemble a network of caring individuals (like you) and their dogs to share smiles and joy with people, young, old, and alike.


We’re always looking for new members and the ATD office is happy to help answer any questions you may have. Get started with your therapy dog certification process to help share smiles and joy!