Alliance of Therapy Dogs
Celebrating 30 Years of Sharing Smiles & Joy

Our Mission

We are an international registry of certified therapy dog teams. At ATD, we provide testing, certification, registration, support, and insurance for members who volunteer with their dogs in animal-assisted activities. Our objective is to form a network of caring individuals and their special dogs are willing to share smiles and joy with people, young and old alike.

Our Human Members

We do not rely on fundraising to succeed. No one you see in action nor our testers are paid nor can they charge any fees. Even our board of directors is made up of volunteers. Our only paid employees are our office staff. By keeping our membership costs low, we can provide therapy dog services at no cost to facilities that we visit.

Our Canine Members

We are focused on the well-being and the behavior of your dog regardless of age or breed. We look for well-mannered, well-behaved dogs that enjoy meeting people. While obedience training can be useful in a therapy setting, ATD doesn’t require formal training, certifications, or tests other than our own. All dogs tested for ATD’s certification must be up-to-date on vaccines and have a negative fecal exam in the last year. There is no restriction on diets or supplements given our canine members.  Dogs may also be fed treats on therapy dog visits if the facility also allows treats. ATD is open to register any breed of dog except wolf or coyote mixes.

Our Testing Process

Unlike other therapy dog organizations, we have a unique testing process that involves handling your dog. Our testing is designed to make sure you and your dog have a good relationship with each other and that your dog has the right temperament for therapy dog work. After the test, a Tester/Observer (T/O) will monitor you and your dog during three visits to facilities that include two visits to a medical facility. During these supervised visits, the T/O will instruct you and your dog on the art of visiting and give you advice and guidance while observing you in action. If all goes well, the T/O will pass you and your dog and recommend you for dog certification with ATD.

Where We Work

Our teams provide therapy in many settings, including but not limited to airports, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehab facilities, mental health institutions, schools, hospitals, cancer centers, hospice facilities, college campuses and can also provide therapy in patients’ homes. ATD doesn’t restrict where our teams visit. ATD teams may choose to be members of local therapy dog groups. They may also participate in nation-wide therapy dog initiatives with organizations like the Red Cross and R.E.A.D. Additionally, we allow our members to visit with teams who may be registered with other organizations.

Our Fees

Registration is very affordable. For $30 a year (plus an initial one-time $10 new member fee), a team can be registered with ATD and covered by our insurance in order to share in the mission of sharing smiles and joy with their dog.


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Kim Williams – President


Kim Williams

Hello from Kearney, Nebraska, the Crane Capital of the World! Although I have a background in counseling psychology with a specialization in geriatrics, it was my corgi, Penny, who introduced me to the world of pet therapy. She was the right dog for the right job. What drew me to ATD, first and foremost, was (and is!) the emphasis on the relationship between handler and dog(s). I saw firsthand the loving bond between Penny and myself rippling out to those we visited. Many years later, I am still awed by the difference a visit from a dog can make to those we see.

I currently have two dogs with very different personalities. Rowan, a Bernese Mountain dog, is my team member who loves nothing more than to be pet all day and pull a cart when delivering Christmas presents at the hospital. Finnegan is a Pyrenees-mix with a loving but protective personality. He isn’t suitable for therapy work, but he is just right for our family! I am very proud to be President of the Board of Directors and see and hear all the beautiful events and experiences our members are contributing to in communities across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. There is joy in working with our dogs and joy in being part of an extensive network of caring individuals.

Don Vaughan – Vice President


Don Vaughan

Greetings from the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Though I’m originally from northern Illinois, my wife, Stephanie, and I have called Minnesota home for almost 15 years. A photojournalist and photographer by trade, I also spent a couple of years specializing in equestrian event photography. I have been a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs for over 18 years, the last 10 as a tester/observer. I’m entering my sixth year on the board and first year as vice president. I am honored by this opportunity and look forward to serving you and ATD.

Stephanie and I currently share our home with a rescued 5-year-old female Newfoundland, Ila. Ila joined us in June and already shows a lot of promise of becoming our next registered therapy dog with ATD. Besides therapy work, Stephanie and I focus on rescuing giant breeds, especially rare mastiffs. We have owned a Tosa Ken (Japanese mastiff), a Dogue de Bordeaux (French mastiff), and two Neapolitan mastiffs (sometimes referred to as an Italian mastiff, but different than a Cane Corso), as well as a Saint Bernard, an Irish Wolfhound, and a Great Dane mix. Our Tosa Ken, Saint Bernard, and Dogue de Bordeuax all had the honor of being registered ATD dogs. Over the years, my visits have included nursing homes, educational seminars, hospice, a local airport, hospitals, church services, and Girl Scouts. However, for the majority of the past decade, my focus has been on correctional facilities, including a federal prison, two county jails and a juvenile detention center.

In addition to therapy work, our Saint Bernard enjoyed hiking and carting. He even gave weight pulling a go. I love to hit the open road with my wife riding shotgun and our dog(s) in the backseat, ready to explore. If I’m not on the open road, there is a good chance you will find me in the kitchen cooking, my other passion. Last, but not least – if there is snow falling from the sky, I am usually one happy camper! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! LET IT SNOW! Please continue sharing smiles and joy!

Kelsey Gilmore – Futeral – Secretary

About the Alliance of Therapy Dogs | A National Therapy Dog Organization

Kelsey with Murphy, Jasper and Eddie

Hey y’all! My family and I live just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I moved to Charleston from South Dakota in 2003 to competitively ride horses in college. Once I landed in the Lowcountry, there was no leaving! I first became involved in therapy dog work when Eddie, our Great Pyrenees/Golden mix whom we lost in May 2017, and I met ATD Past President Jane Hirsch in 2007 and the rest is history!

My passion for animals began early in life and now extends to my professional life. I am a licensed attorney and currently work to improve animal welfare as a legislative attorney for Best Friends Animal Society. In my spare time, I enjoy horseback riding and cooking all kinds of vegan foods. My favorite therapy dog visits are to a local assisted living facility where I’ve been visiting and testing for years.

Our fur family consists of four rescued pups: ATD-certified Pixel; retired ATD super-mutt Murphy; Widget, who is a little too shy and nervous to enjoy therapy dog work; and Charlie, who passed her therapy dog test mid-2021. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful fur-children with people in need!

Tosha Aldridge – Treasurer

Tosha Aldridge with Louie and Lily

Tosha with Louie and Lily

A big ol’ hello from Rocky Mount in eastern NC. It is a privilege to have joined the Board of Directors with ATD, and I look forward to all of the wonderful opportunities ahead. I have been involved with dogs in some way, form, or fashion since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I cannot remember a time in my life without dogs! Currently, we have one certified therapy dog named Lily. She is a five-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier who holds her R.E.A.D, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TKN, and THDX titles and was Miss September for the 2018 Pinups for Pitbulls. We also have a three-year-old American Staffordshire mix named Louie, and we foster numerous pit/bully breeds with our local rescue, Odin’s Orphans.

For the majority of my adult life, I have been involved in rescue and advocacy work. In early 2016, my husband, Shayne, and I stepped into therapy work and I became a T/O later that year. We quickly learned that therapy dogs were not new just to our area in particular, but for numerous surrounding areas as well. Now we have several teams in our area that actively visit hospitals, nursing/rehab facilities, churches, 911 centers, a local children’s home, schools, colleges, and more.

Outside of ATD, I own and operate a local dog specialty store with my husband and teach a variety of training classes. While we love any and all furkids, our heart and passion are with the pitbull breeds. We get the great honor of sharing our love for the breed with others through therapy work in hopes that one day we will have helped make an impact of tearing down BSL.

I am very thankful to get the opportunity to work with this amazing organization and continue to help it grow. Always remember, every day is an opportunity to create a positive change!

Monica Callahan – Director

Monica Callahan with Orio and Quint

Monica Callahan with Orio and Quint

Hello from Myrtle Beach, SC! This year has brought a lot of change for our family. We picked up our things and made the move from Cleveland, Ohio, to Myrtle Beach. We are loving it here, however, we do not have a lot of ATD teams in the local area, so I look forward to showing Myrtle Beach how amazing ATD is!

I currently share my home with my lovely husband of almost 14 years, my 9-year-old daughter, and my 7-year-old son. Together, we enjoy spending time with our four dogs: retired therapy Dalmatian Doc (11 years old), Windsprite Disco (3 years old), Dalmatian Orio (3 years old), and deaf Dalmatian Quint (2 years old). Currently our two therapy dogs are Quint and Orio.

Besides therapy dog work, I am working on opening back up my dog training business and continue to enjoy working out and running. Last fall, I successfully finished my first marathon and I am signed up for another in March 2022. Along with the move, we have taken up kayaking, and the dogs are loving it!

Please feel free to reach out to me about anything! We are all available to hear your comments. That is my favorite thing about ATD: how accessible this organization is to the comments and concerns from its volunteers. As we grow, we always strive to keep our mission in mind!

Pat Coglianese – Director, Immediate Past President


Pat, Samson and Tia

Greetings from South Carolina. I have recently moved to South Carolina from New York and am enjoying the wonderful winter weather and friendly people. We have a wonderful group of board members who work tirelessly to make this organization the best it can be and to support our members who, with their dogs, make such a strong contribution to the lives of others.

I have been an educator all my life. Initially, I taught in the New York City public school system and then moved on to the corporate world and became the Director of Education for JP Morgan Chase, a global financial services institution. When I was ready for a change of pace, I studied and became a dog trainer, combining my expertise in education with my love and knowledge of dogs to launch this new career. Working closely with dogs really opened my eyes to the benefit that dogs bring to people, both emotionally and physically. That started me on my journey working with therapy dogs. My current therapy dog, Tia, is a Golden Retriever and also a rescue. She was born and raised in Italy, shipped to the US in the hold of a plane and then her family could not keep her. I was lucky to be able to adopt her and teach her English cues, as she only understood Italian. She is now a bi-lingual therapy dog and loves the work of sharing smiles and joy. Samson, a miniature poodle and my second therapy dog, loves visiting with adults as well as children.

We have found our place bringing emotional support through our work with Alliance of Therapy Dogs. I am proud to be a past president of the Board of Directors and to continue to be on the board. I am also proud of the many members who have helped to improve the lives of so many people.

Carroll Colasardo – Director

Carroll Colasardo and Dante

Carroll and Dante

Greetings, again, from Arizona. I’m looking forward to another great year serving on the Alliance of Therapy Dogs board. We all work hard to help you achieve your goal of becoming a valued ATD team in your community. Your time and commitment to making someone’s day more enjoyable are invaluable. Thank you for choosing to join us!

I’ve been a member of ATD since 2002 and have been a board member for several years. I love meeting new people, their dogs, and hearing how much they enjoy their many adventures.

Our household consists of 3 Shetland Sheepdogs and Cali, the cat. Dante has accomplished almost five years of visits, Scotty, a rescue who joined our family on Christmas day 2020, is now certified with ATD, and Willow, now 2 years old, is waiting to be tested. During these lingering COVID months, we’ve been able to resume visiting at Sky Harbor Airport with their Navigator Buddies program and Arizona State University as a Devil Dog team.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing organization and to promote dog therapy and help others gain so many benefits while sharing their wonderful dogs with others.

Stefanie Giese-Bogdan – Director

Alliance Therapy Dogs

Stefanie Giese Bogdan

A warm greeting from River Falls, Wisconsin! I am so glad that we are finally allowed to visit nursing homes again to bring smiles and joy to people. After some very tough times where we had to be so creative, it feels good to directly interact with people and to be able to have them pet the dogs! Our young dog, Abbie, is now a certified ATD therapy dog and she already gets excited when we get ready to visit people. It is great to have another certified dog; she continues our over 20-year history of working with therapy dogs. Johnny is still our worry bug and remains our reminder that even the sweetest, most affectionate dogs might just not be therapy dog material, and that is okay, too. (And we still realize that taking photos is NOT our strong suit). My husband, Axel, and I are excited to see all the interest in ATD this year; we have tested/observed many teams in the area and we know that some great teams are now joining us in visiting patients in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. I am excited to continue our journey and to serve on the board for another year. We all learned a lot these last few years and strive to utilize the learnings to make our organization even better for the future.

Cris Lewis – Director


Cris Lewis

Neenah, Wisconsin is where I currently live, but I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, giving me the opportunity to be bilingual and to know how to tolerate heat/humidity and snow/cold! I have been an ATD member since 2002, when the impact of a therapy dog team visiting us in a hospital waiting room triggered my interest to get involved.  Five therapy dogs (Labrador Retrievers and smooth miniature Dachshunds) and thousands of visits later, I believe in paying it forward as a Tester/Observer and now I have the opportunity to contribute as a new board member.

My passions are swimming (I coached for many years and now I officiate) and dogs (I train, compete and have a small breeding program that focuses on preserving the Dachshund breed), so the Olympics, Westminster dog show, and anything related to therapy dogs catch my full attention! I try to live life with this thought in mind: in a world full of problems, I try to be a solution, even if it is a small one.

I look forward to serving on the board for something that has made a positive difference in so many lives, including my own.

Keith Pettway – Director

Keith Pettway with Frodo and Abby

Keith, Frodo and Abby

Greetings from the flatlands of the Mississippi Delta. It seems only a short time ago that I attended my first board meeting, yet now, I am a seasoned veteran. I am still excited about the work that we are doing for ATD. This board is a hard-working group that is very dedicated to dog therapy. It is endlessly working to keep Alliance of Therapy Dogs as the premier accrediting organization in the country.

It goes without saying that this has been a tough year for all of us. COVID-19 has done a number on not only ATD, but the whole country, even the whole world. I am so impressed with the things our members are doing to “keep a hand in” the therapy dog scene while most places are closed to us. You are such a resilient bunch! I know that when this passes, and it will pass eventually, ATD will bounce back as strong as ever.

On a personal note, my puppy, Frodo, turned 17 months on October 8. He is such a loving dog, but he is now a teenager. You all what that means: absolutely no impulse control! We are working hard to get through this and know he will get much better when he matures. He will be an ATD therapy dog, just not yet.

I am still deeply honored to serve ATD as a board member. I want to thank each and every one of you for all the smiles and joy you share as often as you can.

Stacy Plummer – Director

Stacy Plummer and Diezel

Stacy with Diezel

Hello to everyone from the Pacific Northwest, specifically the beautiful state of Oregon, where I reside with my wife, Brandy, have raised seven wonderful children and have now welcomed our first grandbaby. I feel especially fortunate for the opportunity to work with a great group of people who hold the same passions for dogs as I do.

I have been working with and training dogs for the past 30 years. I became an Alliance of Therapy Dogs member in March 2003 and, in July 2004, I became a tester/observer. I co-founded a local therapy group with my own dog, and I have enjoyed the experience of visiting hospitals, nursing homes, local centers for abused children, daycares, elementary schools, and our local juvenile detention center. In addition to therapy work, I am the founder of the Northwest Mastiff Breeds Rescue and I volunteer with other rescue organizations. I have also established a Canine Crisis Response Team working with the local county school district.

I retired my therapy dog, Simba, a few years ago, and, shortly after that, faced losing him as he came to the end of a full life. I am currently looking forward to rescuing another dog to train as a therapy dog in the near future.

I thoroughly enjoy the experiences I have had volunteering with my dog in the community and my time as a tester/observer. I look forward to many years ahead serving on the board and working with therapy dogs.

Laurie Schlossnagle – Director

Laurie Schlossnagle with Emme and Dolly

Laurie Schlossnagle with Emme and Dolly

Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah! Our four dogs are Dolly (11-year-old Beagle/Boxer mix), Blitz (8-year-old Aussie/Catahoula/Cattle Dog mix), Emme (4-year-old Beagle), and Bellatrix (2-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog). I continue to enjoy being a “grandpawrent” to my daughters’ dogs: Rafael (5-year-old Shih Tzu), and Auggie (3-year-old Cardigan Corgi). I am privileged to be certified to do therapy dog work with Dolly, Rafael, Emme, and Bellatrix. They all have their loves, so I get to do lots of different types of visits! Sadly, this year we lost our Elphie. She was an intuitive, compassionate dog, both at home and on visits, and we miss her every day. She left a huge hole in our hearts and in our family.

My husband, Karl, and I have four children between us (three daughters and one son), and we are starting to add in-laws to our family! Karl and two of our children are also therapy dog handlers, as well as one of our daughters-in-law.

We still have our suburban “farm” with chickens and a rabbit, and we always keep our eyes open for other potential animal family members. The brick-and-mortar dog training center we opened in June 2018 is doing well, and I love being able to do more to help people as a dog trainer and a dog behavior consultant with our own training center. It is truly wonderful that I get to spend time with great dogs and their awesome people in both my job and as a volunteer.

As always, it’s a privilege to work alongside all of you sharing smiles and joy!

Jeanette Sinohui – Director

Jeanette Sinohui Frida Pancho

Jeanette Sinohui with Frida and Pancho

Hi! I’m a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where I serve as the Volunteer Dog Therapy Team Leader in the same hospital where I was born: Banner – University Medical Center. As a board member and a T/O for ATD, I have been able to help to improve the program at Banner. It has been a privilege to work alongside teams that truly care about visiting with patients, families, and staff.

My sweet 16-year-old Rata passed away May 10, 2018. She was known as the “Diva” of the hospital and played her role well. She was truly my very special girl who taught me so much. I have always known what a difference therapy dogs make; however, after losing Rata, I saw our teams in a different light. The dedication of our teams to share their dogs with others is beyond any words. When I test a new team and send them out to visit, I know I have helped to bring some happiness to not only the person they are visiting but also to the handler. Observing the powerful impact therapy dogs make on anyone they visit has made me realize how much I miss visiting with a therapy dog, and I know it is time to pass on Rata’s legacy. I have adopted two Cockapoos, Pancho and Frida, who are in training to hopefully become members of ATD to continue the kindness Rata passed on to so many.

To relax, I play golf. Some people wonder if this is a way to relax and I must agree that sometimes it does not feel like I am relaxing. However, as many golfers know, it just takes one good shot per round to bring a golfer back. I can proudly say I do have a hole-in-one; maybe this is the shot that keeps me coming back.

I look forward to the new year and want to make sure we can all help to make Alliance of Therapy Dogs an even better organization.

Amy Brockel – Executive Director


Amy Brockel

The ATD office is seeing an increase in visit requests and new member applications, and we feel those are positive signs that therapy dogs are getting back to work. The effect therapy dogs have on those they visit and the impact we have as a team of 15,000 handlers is precisely why I am so proud to be a part of ATD as a volunteer and an employee.

In July 2021, I was promoted to the Executive Director position following Billie Smith’s retirement. I am honored to have earned the opportunity. I know I have big shoes to fill as we all love and admire Billie for the great work she did keeping ATD standards high, while also providing a friendly voice to call when questions arose.

Over the last three years, I’ve learned so much from Billie and appreciate her support while also letting me find my way as I learned to juggle the endless tasks that come with the job. I am honored to have earned the trust and respect of the very committed Board of Directors, who continue to be my biggest cheerleaders. I hope in the years to come, I earn the support and admiration of our members, as well.

At home, I have a kindergartner who has plans of being a junior handler and a dog-loving husband who works at an IT development company. We have four endlessly energized rescue dogs and a very large and lovable cat. Life is always busy, but we do enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, and skiing. Any activity that gives me time outdoors makes me happy and we fit it in as often as we can. I have not had much opportunity to volunteer over the last year as many facilities in our area have not allowed us to return to visits but I’m optimistic that we will get back to a busier volunteer schedule in 2022.

Katie Whiteley – Operations Manager

Katie and Bianca

Katie and Bianca

I am 4th generation born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I have lived here all my life and I enjoy everything Wyoming has to offer. I love hiking, camping, swimming, sunbathing, and anything else that involves the great outdoors! I enjoy spending time with my husband, our three dogs, and one cat. We travel whenever possible and have been to 17 states so far and we hope to be able to visit all 50. We have been to Mexico and the Bahamas and would love to tour Europe someday. The most exciting thing to me about visiting new places is the food and the culture, there’s always something new to try and learn.

I started working in the fast-food industry when I was 15 years old. Then, after a few years and a couple of odd jobs, I spent 19 years in the medical field. I first worked with humans at a local radiology clinic and then began to work with animals in a veterinary clinic. I grew up with cats and had no real affinity for dogs after one nearly bit my face as a small child and it stuck with me for years. Thank goodness my dad was close by to save the day! My love of dogs came many years later thanks to my sister when she began working with a local rescue several years ago, and my husband and I fell in love with one of her foster puppies. Winifred fit in quite well with our cats, although they were unsure why I would dare to bring a dog into their home. We have since had four dogs of our own and have fostered nearly 100 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. I now have a keen sense of dogs and am able to assist friends and family with questions or problems they may have. Animals are, quite simply, my joy. They are also a lot of work and have caused us to shed blood, sweat, and tears but they are always worth it. We have some pretty amazing foster stories that I am quite proud of and will forever be fond of.

I am delighted that I got to join the team at Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Our mission is one I am proud to be a part of and I look forward to many years of sharing smiles and joy with all of you.

Adriana Boyer – Office Assistant


Adriana Boyer

I worked at ATD for seven years prior to moving out of state in January 2019 but was able to come back to ATD in February 2021. I now reside in Cheyenne again with my younger sister and my daughter, who starts high school as a freshman this year. On the weekends, we are often in northeast Colorado spending time with family who resides there.

I primarily handle the phones, voicemails, processing of applications and renewals, sending of membership cards, balancing the daily deposit, keeping inventory updated and fulfilling merchandise orders for ATD. I look forward to starting work on special projects and am thrilled to be back with ATD.

Jared Wadley – News Magazine Editor

Jared, Jordan, Legend, and Devin

Jared, Jordan, Legend and Devin

A very warm greeting to all of you. My family and I live near Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is recognized as one of the best places to live in the Midwest and home to the University of Michigan. The university, specifically its world-renowned hospital, served as one of the first locations in Michigan to provide pet therapy in the late 1980’s.

With my Collie, Bella, I embarked on therapy dog visits in 2010. Today, not only have I spent more than a decade in the organization, but I’m honored to serve as an editor (non-board member) of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs Newsmagazine. Unfortunately, Bella is no longer with us, but I’m the proud parent of another wonderful Collie named Legend. Some people like to call him “Lassie” from the popular TV series because of his appearance, intelligence, and gentleness. Legend isn’t saving Timmy, or anyone, for that matter, from a well or mine, but he does “rescue” those feeling despondent at University of Michigan’s Mott Children’s Hospital and the VA Hospital by putting a smile on their faces. In addition, Legend promotes healthy living as the main pup at the university’s “Wellness Woof,” and he makes appearances during de-stressing events to relax students.

But I’m not the only ATD handler in the household. My older son, Jordan, became a junior therapy dog handler in 2013 and is now a regular member. My younger son, Devin, has been a junior handler since 2017. It’s heartwarming to see how children and elderly patients appreciate how young people are active in ATD and Therapaws of Michigan, which is our local therapy dog organization.

Although in-person facility appearances have been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic, we still “visit” extended care sites through online Zoom calls. In the meantime, I look forward to being among the first individuals to read your uplifting stories for the Newsmagazine.

Thank you for sharing your dogs!

Stacey Shultz-Bisset – Graphic Designer

Stacy Schultz-Bisset
Stacy Schultz-Bisset and Hank

Hello from Wyoming. I am the graphic designer for your News Magazine and Handbooks. I’ve been with Alliance of Therapy Dogs since 2002 and have been designing the Newsmagazine and the Handbooks since 2004.

I have had five therapy dogs. The first one was Gretchen, a Lab/Newfoundland. She was a diabetic who had a lot to talk about with the diabetic patients we visited at the VA hospital. The second was Hanna, a Great Pyrenees. Hanna was also Santa’s dog at Breakfast with Santa at the local hospital. My husband, who was a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs at the time, was Santa. They were followed by Bebe and Carma, both Newfoundlands. Finally, we have Hank, who I believe may be an Australian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix. He is the smallest therapy dog I’ve had at only 60 pounds. With all my dogs, I have visited the local nursing homes, hospital, hospice, VA hospital, and local college. As Hank has recently retired, I am in training with Beau, a Newfoundland. I hope he will soon be ready to test.

My day job is at the local community college where after many years of being the senior graphic designer I am now the manager of internal communications and printing.

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