Alliance of Therapy Dogs chooses Canidae as their pet food sponsor for their commitment to bringing goodness to pets, people, and our planet. Canidae is committed to providing our pets with quality nutrition, fostering the human-pet connection through their support of non-profits like Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and leading the way in sustainability through their investment in sustainable farming and operational practices. It’s a company truly dedicated to goodness and one we are proud to partner with. Learn more about Canidae’s work to spread goodness below.


Canidae’s expert-reviewed products are packed full of goodness to bring out the best in your pets, with recipes made from wholesome, high-quality ingredients, balanced for whole-body health. Their nutritionally dense food nourishes dogs in every bite, with more calories and protein per cup than most leading brands. They’ve invested in their own pet nutrition plant in Brownwood, TX that puts safety and integrity first, where they continue to research and develop pet food recipes. Their facility allows them to have control over the formulas, quality, and nutrition of the food, ensuring you and your pet get the best from them.


Canidae is on a mission to create a more balanced, healthier world for all. They believe that the connection with the animals in our lives helps us to feel more grounded, mindful, and happy. They are committed to nurturing this connection, in an attempt to better the lives of both pets and people. Current initiatives include:

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Canidae pet food is the official pet food sponsor of Alliance of Therapy Dogs. As part of their mission to bring goodness to pets and people, Canidae has formed a partnership with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs to help certify therapy dog teams and share the healing nature of the human/pet connection. Canidae has pledged $20,000 to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) in hopes of shining a light on the proven benefits of animal-human connection and supporting the good work that ATD has already been doing for thirty years.

San Antonio Food Bank

Canidae proudly donated over 836,000 pounds of pet food to the San Antonio Food Bank alone since 2021, supporting pets and their parents in the local community near our plant in Texas.


Pets and people are their best when they have a healthy planet to play on. Canidae is committed to making food that is not only good for pets but good for the planet. Canidae is focused on leading sustainability in three key areas of the food process: the ingredients they use, their farming relationships, and their operational practices.

Sustainable Ingredients: Canidae partners with US farmers that are introducing regenerative agriculture which leverages cutting edge technology in robotics, water usage, weed management, and pesticide usage to reduce the negative impact on our precious farmlands. Canidae has set an ambitious goal of sourcing over 50% of their ingredients from regenerative agriculture by end of 2023. Canidae SustainTM pet food is Canidae’s first step to introducing a pet food product that brings an affordable yet sustainable product for all featuring both premium
recipes made with responsibly sourced proteins like wild-caught Alaskan salmon, cage-free chicken, and a plant-based option made with upcycled brewer’s yeast.

Farming practices and relationships: Canidae is committed to supporting US farmers who believe that our top priority is to leave American soil to future generations in a better state than we found it. One of Canidae’s partner is Clint Brauer, the CEO of Greenfield Robotics, leading the space in making regenerative agriculture scalable. Today’s robotic advances present a unique opportunity for humanity: Re-introduce pre-industrial revolution farming practices that protected our soil and natural resources while scaling production and yields to modern-day
levels. We can feed the world and protect our soil.

Operations: In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Canidae is also changing the ways they make, package, and transport their high-quality pet food.

Packaging: Canidae’s new Sustain line is packaged in bags made from 40% post-consumer recycled material — the most in the industry. In fact, each of our 18-pound bags re-uses material from 4 plastic bottles.

Rail Transportation: Sending their ingredients direct from farmers via rail cuts down on our dependence on truck delivery, thereby reducing our carbon output.

Made in the USA: Because the majority of the food Canidae makes is made right in their own plant in Brownwood, TX, they cut down on unneeded transport. Another way in which we reduce our carbon output.