As part of their mission to bring goodness to pets and people, Canidae has formed a partnership with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs to help certify therapy dog teams and share the healing nature of the human/pet connection. Canidae has pledged $20,000 to the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) in hopes of shining a light on the proven benefits of animal-human connection and supporting the good work ATD has already been doing for thirty years.

In addition to their monetary donation, Canidae has announced an internal initiative to encourage any of their employees who want to register their pets with the ATD and will cover any associated costs. Dana Paris, Canidae’s Chief Marketing Officer, registered her dog, Canela, right away. “At Canidae, we dedicate our workdays to bringing goodness to pets, people, and the planet, but there’s always more that we could be doing,” said Paris. “Having the opportunity to register my dog and bring some goodness into our lives and the lives of others has been a great way to recharge after a long day back out in the ‘real world.’ ”