Deciding to get a dog to care for is one of life’s major decisions. It would help if you were prepared for the responsibilities of owning a pet dog; it’s similar to having a child. 

Finding the right dog for your family comes with several factors you need to consider aside from the breed. In this blog, let’s talk about what these considerations include your living space, budget, activity level, and more. 

The Size of Your Living Space 

One of the most important factors to consider when getting a dog for your family is the size of your available living space. Dogs vary in size, which means that the amount of space you need for them will also be different. 

For instance, if you live in a small apartment, you must consider only small dogs that will not require much space for walking and lounging. On the other hand, you can get larger dogs when your living space is larger. 

However, you should also remember that even small dogs need considerable space because they tend to be more delicate and sensitive to accidents and injuries. 

The presence of a backyard can also be a consideration in your living space. Having a backyard is a great way for your dogs to exercise regardless of their breed and size. 

Your Schedule 

After considering your living space, your schedule is also essential in choosing the best dog for your family. When the dog you choose is compatible with your working hours, you will be able to give your pet the attention he needs. Your schedule should include days and times when you’re free to train your dog, focusing on him to ensure that he’s getting the love and care he deserves. 

The following are important questions you should ask when looking for one that works around your schedule:

  1. Can you provide high-energy dogs with long walks and proper activity training?
  2. Do you prefer an independent and senior dog who you can leave alone most of the day while you’re busy working?

Knowing your schedule makes it easier to choose the dog you need to make sure that you can still provide him with undivided attention and love. 

Your Activity Level

Your dog should match your activity level. While a dog’s energy level is mainly determined by its breed, you don’t need to rely solely on breed to determine how energetic and hyper a dog is. Based on your activity level, you need to consider that dogs need daily exercise, regardless of what size or breed they belong in. 

When you know your activity level, you will know how much you’re willing to adjust to the amount of attention and energy your dog needs. 


A dog’s personality varies depending on his age. Generally, there are three stages in a dog’s life: Puppy, Adult, or Senior. 


Puppies need the most attention and training, especially during their first six months. When you decide to get a puppy, you should learn to dedicate most of your time to raising and giving all your attention to him. It would help if you also were patient with them because they will likely get involved in several accidents or chew your personal belongings. 

However, you can resolve these issues when you engage them in proper training. Taking care of a puppy also means understanding that your dog may grow up differently from what you expected. 

Adult Dogs 

Getting an adult dog might be better if you want to be more certain about a dog’s energy level, temperament, and attitude. When getting an adult dog, you should also expect that he still needs proper training at first because adult dogs are not necessarily trained.

Senior Dogs 

Senior dogs are the best to own when your activity level is low. However, it would help if you remembered that these dogs would require more veterinary check-ups and special attention. It would help if you remembered that you might not have as many years left with senior dogs as puppies or adult dogs. 

If you still desire to own one even with these responsibilities, getting a senior dog can be a great way to develop your compassion for fellow animals. 


Knowing the dog’s history depends on where you buy or adopt it. Generally, the history cannot be clear when you’re getting a dog from the animal shelter because the dog you get might have experienced being abused or abandoned. Remember that your pet’s history can affect the dog’s personality, and knowing his story can also help you be a better fur parent. 

Physical Maintenance

A dog’s physical appearance depends mostly on how an owner maintains him. Generally, all dogs need regular and basic grooming, but the frequency depends on the dog’s coat type. Advanced routine grooming is important when you get a dog with hair that continuously grows. 

On the other hand, you must note that smooth-coated dogs with short hair are major shedders. With this, you must be prepared for the additional cleaning up you might need. 

Aside from the thickness of the dog fur and frequency of grooming, you must also remember that when you get a dog with long and floppy ears, you must always be prepared for any ear infections when you don’t regularly accomplish ear cleanings. 

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Dog

When you have decided that you desire to own and care for a dog, you should consider answering the following questions to help you choose the best dog according to your preferences:

  1. Do I have the luxury of time to attend to what my dog needs and give him the love and care he deserves?
  2. Will my time permit me to walk the dog around, giving him enough exercise to maintain his physical health?
  3. Do I have enough budget to cover owning a dog, including medical expenses, food, routine grooming, veterinary care, and other vitamins and medication?
  4. Will the dog be valued as a family member in my house? 

When you have clear answers to these questions, you will know whether getting a dog is right. These questions can also help you determine whether you can be a good fur parent, attending to everything the dog needs. 

Dogs Are Loving Animals 

Getting a dog is a serious matter you need to ponder. Even though dogs cannot talk, they still need your love and attention, ensuring they live comfortably in your home. When becoming a fur parent, you must consider the above factors to find the best dog that suits you, your living space, and your personality. 

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