Therapy Dogs go Pro Bone-o

Courtrooms can have a tense atmosphere. People often feel intimidated and overwhelmed when they attend court. That’s why ATD offers free visits of therapy dogs in courtroom proceedings to help ease the tension. 

Therapy dogs in courtrooms can help ease the stress and anxiety of victims and witnesses, particularly children and teenagers, who have to speak in front of a judge and jury. Therapy dogs are an asset in the courthouse that can make the legal process less daunting.

The Benefits of Therapy Dogs In Court

One of the main benefits of having therapy dogs in courtrooms is they can help reduce tension and fearfulness. Petting a therapy dog can reduce blood pressure and anxiety, which can help someone remain calm. Therapy dogs are also non-judgemental, which inspires a sense of safety and trust. 

Therapy dogs are most commonly used in family court proceedings but can be a part of other court services if needed. The comfort therapy dogs provide is important for those experiencing trauma or distress. It’s also highly valuable for children, who may not understand the seriousness of a courtroom or are fearful of the serious nature of the proceedings. Either way, they will be grateful to have a furry friend for support. 

Certified therapy dogs can be beneficial to victims and witnesses who feel vulnerable and scared, which can make it difficult for them to share their stories. Although with a  companion by their side, these individuals can feel like someone (even if it’s an animal) has their back and that can make it easier for them to communicate.

How Courtrooms Can Partner With Alliance Of Therapy Dogs

At Alliance of Therapy Dogs, our registered dogs have to be up to date on vaccines and have a negative fecal exam every 12 months to ensure they are healthy enough to comfort others. They must pass a therapy dog certification by performing exercises and following the ATD Rules and Regulations

Our therapy dogs are also insured in the unlikely event someone gets hurt from interacting with our dogs. They wear a red heart-shaped tag on their collars to let people know they are a part of Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

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