Become A Junior Handler: Student Volunteer Work

Are you looking to get involved in your community? Do you love dogs? If you answered yes, consider student volunteer work at Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Our Junior Handler program offers twelve to seventeen years old, and their dogs, a chance to strengthen their bond and help share smiles and joy. By visiting facilities such as hospitals, schools, and home visits, you can make a positive impact on someone’s day and develop responsibility and confidence.

Start your therapy dog handler journey today!

Student Volunteering Can Be A Great Way To Spend Your Time

If you enjoy spending time with your dog, volunteering with them will be even better! Both you and your dog will get to make a difference, meet new people and increase the human-animal bond. Volunteering with your dog during the weekends, in the summer and the holidays is a wonderful way to give back and meet any volunteer hours requirements you may have.

The therapy dog certification test is free for junior handlers. We have resources about our rules and regulations guide, and a video of what to expect during the test

Resume Recognition 

Student volunteer work can be beneficial for your resume. Many employers and college admissions teams look to see if you’ve done any recent volunteer work. Not only does it show that you care about the community but it demonstrates your work ethic and positive personality traits. 

A Mental Health Boost

As a student, you may feel you have a lot on your plate with school, extracurriculars, and your social life, but if you can find the time to squeeze in volunteer work it provides plenty of benefits. Engaging in volunteer work provides a sense of purpose and fulfillment, which can help boost your mental health. When you help those in need, it can increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress levels.

How To Become A Junior Handler

  • You must be between the ages of twelve and seventeen and have permission from your parents to become an Alliance of Therapy Dogs member.
  • Your dog must be at least one year old.
  • You must either own a dog or be close to one for at least six months before taking the certification test.
  • Your dog will need a wellness exam, fecal test, and current rabies vaccine.
  • Your dog needs to have a calm temperament.

If you have any questions about volunteering and facility visits, contact our ATD office. We look forward to welcoming new junior members!