Make a connection with your community

Life can get busy. Between work and errands, dog owners have a lot to juggle and may feel volunteering takes away from quality time with their dog. But what if you could carve out some time with your dog to get involved with your community? Volunteering with your pup can be a worthwhile use of your time and can help others in need.

Learn more about why volunteering in your community is important and how you can get involved with Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Help Others In Need

It feels heartwarming to give back to others who may be going through a rough time and need some support. When your dog becomes a certified therapy dog, you can volunteer in your community to help share smiles and joy. A dog’s presence can naturally help people open up and provide comfort. 

Make New Connections

Whether it’s comforting patients at the hospital or anxious passengers at the airport, volunteering with your therapy dog at these facilities allows you to meet new people and make genuine connections. Each time you volunteer, you and your dog will start to build bonds with familiar faces. You can expand your social circle by connecting with fellow volunteers who share a common interest.

Become A More Active Member In The Community

Volunteering in your community can create a sense of belonging. Whether you and your dog volunteer at a nursing home, hospital, or school, getting involved in your community can help shape your identity and strengthen ties to the community.

Volunteers make programs and organizations like the Alliance of Therapy Dogs possible. Helping a cause you’re passionate about while helping an organization thrive can leave a lasting impact on your community. Plus, volunteering with your pup can allow your bond to grow even more.

Are you interested in volunteering with ATD?  Contact us today to learn how to get your dog certified or the ways you can support the Alliance of Therapy Dogs.