Ease school stress with some cute pups.

While being at college can be a wonderful experience, it can also be difficult at times. From assigned readings to writing essays and studying for exams, students can experience increased anxiety and stress levels.

That’s why we have our therapy dogs visit college campuses!

Therapy Dogs Can Help College Students

Our furry friends can help bring smiles to students’ faces and help them relax. Petting a dog has been shown to help boost your mood, relieve stress, and reduce blood pressure. Whether it’s the next class or the next exam, college students are constantly on the go. Allowing them to take a study break with some cute pups can be euphoric and just what the students need, especially around the end of term, as deadlines and exams are looming.

Many students may struggle with their mental health while at school and mental health is known to decline during midterm and final exam periods. Having a therapy dog program on campus is an excellent way to help brighten students’ days and provide a much-needed distraction. 

Therapy dogs can also benefit students who may be living away from home for the first time and are feeling isolated or lonely. Spending some time with dogs can provide comfort and help them feel less alone. The event’s positive atmosphere and the dog’s companionship may alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Therapy Dogs On Campus

While dogs may not be allowed in classroom lectures, many schools are warming up to the idea of having therapy dog programs. These programs can help students cope with school stress and improve their mental health. Plus, an increase in their mood, confidence, and overall student well-being may lead to improvement in their academic studies!

Of course, therapy dogs aren’t just for students! Therapy dogs can even help professors and college staff. Everyday stress can impact our moods, so seeing some friendly pooches on campus can certainly improve their day as well.

Therapy Dogs At Your School

When visiting therapy dogs on campus, there is usually a designated meeting area— like a particular building or outside on the quad — where students can interact with the therapy dogs and their handlers. Wondering if Alliance of Therapy Dogs is active at your school? On college campus visits, our ATD therapy dogs can be identified by a red heart tag. Contact your student union or activities facilitator to find out! 

Are you a student interested in having therapy dogs visit your campus or a school wanting to learn more about our therapy dog work? Contact our ATD office for more information. We’d be happy to be part of a pawstive partnership!