Therapy Dogs Thanksgiving

We love our furry friends! They help brighten dark days with their wagging tails and comforting presence. That’s why this Thanksgiving, we are taking time to give thanks to therapy dogs. Therapy dogs play an important role in providing support and companionship to individuals facing challenges and difficulties. Whether it’s at hospitals, nursing homes, schools, or airports, our therapy dogs help share smiles and joy and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thankful for: Therapy Dog Training & Safety

At Alliance of Therapy Dogs, we want to make sure therapy dog visits are safe and smooth. We offer liability coverage, which helps protect therapy dog handlers from injury, illness, and property damage claims. Our therapy dogs have to undergo a certification test, have three supervised facility visits, and follow our ATD rules and regulations. 

Many of our facilities appreciate the therapy dog training and thoughtfulness our handler teams provide.

On behalf of Transitions LifeCare Volunteer Services Department, I want to thank Alliance for all of the wonderful services and training they provide our pet partners. We have been so lucky to have so many pet partners that come to us ready, willing, and able to support our patients and their family members by making supportive pet visits as hospice volunteers. The dogs bring SO much joy, warmth, and tenderness to those facing serious illness and their handlers know how to create a safe space for the dog, patient, and those in the room. We are consistently impressed with the pet partner teams that Alliance sends our way and we are so lucky to work with them. Thank you for all you do!

– Leah Rosen, Volunteer Services Team Leader, Transitions LifeCare

Thankful for: Stress Relief

Stress can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. Therapy dogs can help limit feelings of stress and reduce blood pressure. That’s why we are grateful to have our ATD therapy dogs visit busy facilities like airports where there is lots of hustle and bustle – especially around the busy holiday season. 

The reception to our therapy dogs has been incredibly positive and the MYR airport team is glad to have an established program in place. Our guests continue to rave about their interactions with our visiting therapy canine teams and we’re thankful to our dedicated volunteers who help remove the stress from travel.”  

– Lauren Wehrung, Air Service & Business Analyst at the Myrtle Beach International Airport

Thankful for: Emotional Connection

We appreciate therapy dogs for the emotional connection they provide. They offer empathy, unconditional love, and a non-judgemental presence. The release of oxytocin, also referred to as the “love hormone” activates during positive interactions with dogs and helps promote the feeling of being happy and calm.

We feel the dogs make such a difference in the quality of life for our residents. The residents can develop such a bond with the dogs. This affords them unconditional love between them and the animal. It has also been beneficial for reminiscing. So many of our residents have grown up around beloved pets and they can embrace and be reminded of those memories. Overall the most important aspect of the therapy dogs is the pure joy they bring to the resident.  They are the bright spot in a sometimes monotonous day!  Thank you to all the volunteers!”

– Shannon Kasten, Director of Resident Services, Spring Valley Health and Rehabilitation Center

“The dogs from Alliance of Therapy Dogs bring immense joy to the individuals impacted by cancer at Gilda’s Club Quad Cities. Participants’ eyes light up when the dogs walk in, and their voices change to a joyful tone as they interact with them. Our Coffee & Canines program began with Alliance of Therapy Dogs volunteers and their dogs, and they continue to be the heart and soul of the program today.”

– Kelly Craft, Program Manager, Gilda’s Club Quad Cities

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