7 Reasons Why Therapy Dogs Are Important

Therapy dogs are important beyond their wonderful companionship and adorableness. They also provide comfort and support to hospital patients, students, seniors, and anyone else who is going through a difficult time. The bond therapy dogs and humans share is incredible, as these animals have a unique ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

Read on to learn more about why therapy dogs are so cherished and the benefits they can provide.

1. Therapy Dogs Help Cheer Us Up

Whether it’s a nuzzle or a tail wag, therapy dogs have an uncanny ability to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. They can help reduce anxiety and stress levels and help improve our moods. 

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2. Unconditional Love

Therapy dogs are special because they provide unconditional love. They won’t judge you for what you’re wearing or what you do for a living; they love you for who you are. This type of love is special and reminds us of the importance of being kind toward others.

3. You Can Sit In Silence With Them

At therapy dog visits, sometimes the recipient the therapy dog is seeing doesn’t have to speak. If they are in a nursing home, they may not have the cognitive ability to interact with the dog or if they are in a hospital bed, they may not have the energy to speak – and that’s okay! Therapy dogs do not mind sitting quietly by a human’s side. There’s no need for words when you are around a canine friend.

4. Therapy Dogs Teach Us Compassion

Therapy dogs teach us about the power of helping others. Sometimes the simplest gestures, like showing up for a person or listening to their story, can go a long way. Therapy dog volunteer teams feel like they are making an impact when they visit facilities to share smiles and joy.

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5. Physical Health Boost

Certified therapy dogs can also help with our physical health. They can reduce blood pressure and help relax tense muscles. When you pet a dog, it can soothe your worries and increase levels of the “love hormone”  oxytocin in your body.

6. Therapy Dogs Bring People Together

Meeting new people can be tough with busy schedules, but with therapy dog visits come new names and faces! Therapy dogs help bring people together. Therapy dog handlers can get to know individuals and hear their stories. Dogs also act as an icebreaker, helping people to open up.

7. Pain Management

Therapy dogs can help limit physical and emotional pain. In particular, at hospital therapy dog visits, their cuddly presence and the release of endorphins during interactions can help provide pain relief. Being greeted by a therapy dog can be a bright spot in someone’s tough time.

Spread the Word – Therapy Dogs Are Important!

Our certified therapy dogs are valued for the vital role they play in comforting and supporting people’s well-being.

If you’d like more information about becoming an Alliance of Therapy Dogs member, view our member page for more details. If you would like to request a free therapy dog visit for your facility, contact our ATD office.