Embrace the pawsitivity.

The unconditional love, comfort and laughs a dog can provide are endless. These gestures can make a big impact on your mental health.  So, why not share that joy with others? Therapy dogs can brighten a person’s day and help them feel at ease. 

Read on to learn about the positive effects of therapy dogs.

Therapy Dogs Can Provide Companionship

A therapy dog offers non-judgemental companionship that can help during tough times. When someone pets a therapy dog or gets to be near them, they can feel less alone and soak up the lovingness that these animals provide. 

Therapy Dogs Can Uplift Moods

Therapy dogs can help boost a person’s mood and decrease stress. Our furry friends can’t help but bring smiles to the faces around them! The animal’s presence can enable a reprieve from negative or sad thoughts a person may have and even sitting in silence near a dog is known to bring a sense of peace and calm.

Being around a dog can provide a much-needed distraction for many folks. People can forget about their worries as they focus on petting the dog, watching them perform tricks or commands, and as they chat with others at the event! 

Therapy Dogs Can Benefit Mind & Body

Spending time with a therapy dog raises endorphins and helps keep people’s minds clear of mood-lowering thoughts, which raises their positivity even further! Furthermore, this positivity and calming effect can, over time, lead to improved physical health by reducing blood pressure and anxiety.

Therapy Dogs Can Help Build New Connections

Therapy dogs can help you expand your social circle. When volunteering you may encounter some people who remember your dog’s name and the positive impact they made on them. Whether you are a volunteer or a participant, engaging with therapy dogs can lead to friendships and connections that last a lifetime. Every event presents the opportunity to meet new dogs and new people that can introduce you to new opportunities, new cultures, and new connections.

Therapy Dogs Can Have A Positive Effect On You!

Hope you enjoyed learning about the positive effects of therapy dogs. If you’re interested in learning more about our organization, you can visit our about page. If you’re looking to volunteer with your dog or are a facility requesting a visit from a therapy dog, please contact the ATD office.