Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Howl-oween is a time of spooky celebrations, sweet treats, and creative costumes. Our Alliance of Therapy Dogs teams like to get in the spirit by dressing up for their therapy dog visits. They not only embrace the fun of the season but they also share smiles and joy with the people they visit. We’ve rounded up these great Halloween costumes for dogs to help inspire you [and your pup] this spooky season!

A reminder: To celebrate the spooky season safely, be watchful of your canine friend. If they seem stressed and agitated by their Halloween costume, take it off. You can also consider Halloween dog bandanas, bow ties, and collars to keep your therapy dog comfortable and still festive.

Witch Costume

Witches are a Halloween costume staple that never goes out of style! It is a great costume option for both you and your canine. There are plenty of dog witch costumes you can find online and in stores. You can also try a DIY dog witch costume with black fabric, black construction paper, and black elastic.

Ghost Costume

Ghosts are another Halloween costume classic! You can easily make this costume at home by using a white cloth or bedsheet and cutting holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Be sure that when your therapy dog is visiting facilities they can walk without tripping over their costume.

Beanie Baby

Throwback costumes are always a fun idea! Dressing your therapy dog as a Beanie Baby is easy and a great way to celebrate the 90s. You can either buy the Beanie Baby tag or find it online and print it. 


It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane…It’s Super Dog! Superheros make super Halloween costumes for dogs. There are several superhero dog harnesses you can buy at local pet stores and online. This is also a simple option if your therapy dog isn’t big on dressing up. If you are doing a Halloween therapy dog visit at a school, young kids are sure to appreciate the superhero costume.

Winged Harness

Dressing your therapy pup up as a dragon, butterfly or bat is a spooktacular way to celebrate Halloween. You can find several size options and, best of all, they are easy to put on your dog. A winged harness also makes it easy for people to still pet and interact with your dog during therapy dog visits.

Popular Movie Characters

Dressing your dog in a popular movie character costume like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes is sure to be a hit at therapy dog visits. Most people will recognize the character and if they don’t, discussing it can help break the ice. Sharing common interests, like pop culture, can help us bond with others. You can also dress up as one of your favorite movie characters as well. Maybe, you can even match your costume with your pup! 


Another great Halloween costume for dogs is to dress your pup up as a prehistoric dinosaur. Dinosaur dog costumes are dino-mite! You can find many different designs and styles to choose from like headpieces and onesies.

Additional Dog Halloween Safety Tips

Remember to measure your therapy dog before you shop for a Halloween costume or create a costume to make sure the costume fits. And if you notice your dog is not their happy self in the costume or are struggling to walk, take it off. Your dog’s comfort comes first.

While Halloween is a wonderful time, it’s still important for a therapy dog handler to be conscious of the surroundings. Do not leave your dog unattended in their costume! Be mindful of Halloween hazards, like bowls of candy and chocolate, that your dog might encounter at therapy dog visits. 

Share your dog’s Halloween costume photos with us and tag @allianceoftherapydogs #allianceoftherapydogs. If you are making a therapy visit on Halloween, be sure to follow all rules and regulations in the photo as well as get photo authorization where appropriate.

Happy Howl-oween!